Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another week goes by....

Hey everyone,

Hope you all enjoyed great birding this weekend!

Sorry, no birds again for me. I feel like I'm really slipping off my game! I think I should have been out scouting for shorebirds...but I ran in Ottawa Race Weekend on Saturday and wasn't up for anything except pacing around my house nervously. The race was great...I completed the 10k in just over 56 minutes...a PB!

Sunday turned out to be a nice day later on, but I got out on my bike instead of birding. Now that it's nice out, there is just so much to do out there!

However, I do have big birding plans for next weekend, so stay tuned!


In the absence of bird photos, here's a shot of me whizzing by on my run. Maybe there are some birds in those trees in the background?

Matt didn't see me till I was past him...

and, now for a bit of bird content, some art featuring seasonal birds from the wonderful Charley Harper (love his work..I'm so saving my pennies to buy one):


❦ fitcetera said...

Congrats on running your personal best!!!
A 'chick' running is bird related, I think. ;)

I love the second to last print. What is that a Red-eyed Vireo?

I didn't bird at all this weekend. The weather is getting me down and is making me behind in all the yardwork.
What a strange spring it's been.
Today, it's supposed to be almost 30˚ for crying out loud.

Funkysandman said...

it is bird related...that's the female roadrunner in its natural habitat lol

deepdowndawn said...

haha..updated with pic for

yes, red-eyed vireos!