Tuesday, June 21, 2011

take 'em when you can get 'em

TGITD (Thank goodness it's teleworking day). I'm sitting in my living room and this little finch flies right up the window in front of me and perches there. Guess he just wanted to say hello? I don't even have the feeder out there..I've been so bad about filling it (ran out of seed)...

what are you doing there?
Unfortunately this post is going to be consistent with my last few posts in making excuses for not birding. Basically I'm a huge keener and get involved in a ton of stuff. I have been insanely busy...so I pretty much have to catch the birds whenever I can. Luckily my schedule is going to open up and I'm going to have lots of spare time as of tomorrow. 
This girl was enjoying the weather and hanging out with the geese on the river. The goslings are now at the terribly cute teenager stage, taking on the shape of adult geese, but still fluffy like babies :)
This is what was keeping me busy this weekend: Ottawa Dragonboat Festival. Here I am racing with the women's team "Something's on Fire." I'm first paddler on the right!
I will leave this on a positive note...I should have some time to get back in the saddle soon! (and finally fill my feeders!)


dwaynejava said...

Jenna, LOL... very cute that an American Goldfinch stopped by to say hello! They really are a beautiful bird and shouldn't be over-looked because of how common they are. They grace the cover of the Sibley guide to Eastern North American Birds! Good birding!

deepdowndawn said...

Haha thanks Dwayne. I'll never tire of them. I think he's saying, "Jenna! Did you forget about us?"

Funkysandman said...

that little guy peeping in the window is pretty funny...he'll learn to ring the doorbell soon

deepdowndawn said...

lol I think I have a peeping Tom!!