Friday, November 4, 2011

Grouse Encounter!

I'm going to go a litte bit out of order here but I just felt I had to post this. Last week Matt and I were out in the greenbelt in the west end and not too far in we hear something and then see a bird. We realized quickly that it was a grouse, and we made our best efforts to go stealthily as I cursed not bringing the camera. Wouldn't you know, it didn't matter...apparently this is a friendly grouse and he came right up to us and hung out with us until we left; during that time he also chased off a mountain biker. It was kind of surreal and the bird is such a beauty when you see it up close. I got lots of video on my iphone!

Listen at 1:49 of this makes the most AWESOME noises. Turn it right up!

Back soon with more posts I hope!


Tiffanie said...

That's fantastic! Very curious bird :)

Jeremy Medina said...

UNREAL Dawn! It should be your mascot for Birds Gone Wild. That is truly amazing!

❦ fitcetera said...

OMG ... what an encounter!
It IS a beautiful bird, eh?

I hope it's not so tame that someone hurts it.

It's great to see you posting after a hiatus!

❦ fitcetera said...

Matt is the grouse whisperer. :D
That sound it makes can almost be imitated by gently pulling your finger against the inside of your mouth.
Fantastic videos!