Sunday, January 5, 2014

Back at Point Bob

Here's the final post from out West. After a few weeks on the road, it was good to finally relax on the beach, kayak and paddleboard in the ocean, play games, bike around the point and catch up with West Coast friends and family. The birds around there start to feel familiar too: there are always a few herons in the tide pools, the kingfisher hunting at dinnertime and hanging out at the breakwater, an eagle eating up fish leftovers on the beach, hummingbirds at the top of the hill.

This year was finally my year to see the orcas! A mom and her baby. The curse is over!

Remember this pic? Oops. It's actually from the Point. Somehow it got mixed in with pics from way earlier in the trip. It's a rufous :)
These birds are a little less familiar--I can't recall seeing them on the Point before and I almost missed them, they blended in so well with the seaweed. Of course we didn't take the camera and so this meant kayaking back to get it! Black Oystercatchers.
Anyone who knows me knows I'm anything but a morning person. I was sleeping soundly while Matt was out snaping pics of this eagle in front of the cabin who'd found something good on the beach, in that quiet time before the beachwalkers and dogs emerge and take over the sandbars.
Oh hai.

got something good here.
going for a walk

thirsty bird
who's the fairest bird of them all?
I am, of course. what were you going to say?
I've got swagger, after all.
not to be confused with a sandpiper
Get me from my good side.
hey paparazzi. have you had enough yet?
see ya! I've got take-out.

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