Saturday, May 17, 2014

New bird, old place (#307)

Easter came and went a long time ago, but it's important to catch up on birds, especially when there are lifers in question! So I'm going to keep this short, since I have today's birds to write about too.

Holidays mean one thing--to Kingston we go. Luckily we saw some great birds on the way! I'm not sure why, maybe I'm just better at identifying them, but I've seen a lot of Northern Harriers this year. Is it just me?
We always drive by this one house with a pond, and usually see swans there. I guess they are pets, which means I unfortunately can't count these as life birds--they appear to be Whooper Swans, or the Bewick's version of the Tundra Swan.

We made the customary stop in Wilton and this guy was just singing his heart out on the overhead wires.
Eastern meadowlark
And once we finally made it all the way home, we spotted this merlin just ripping this animal, bird, I'm not sure what it was, to bits on my very own street. Eventually he flew off and took it with him and it was almost as big as he was.
After a great weekend of far too much and food and awesome family time, we walked over to the marina early in the morning, just to enjoy the water more than anything else. We certainly weren't expecting a lifer! There were so many Bonaparte's Gulls. I've seen Laughing Gulls down south, and wasn't sure at the time what the difference was, but the Bonaparte's has a black, not orange bill, so it was pretty clear! I don't remember seeing gulls with black heads growing up on the water, even if only for a short time during migration.
Long-tailed ducks playing around
Artist at work! Brand placement totally unintentional :)
Spring is here, and I can here a yellow warbler singing from my window. Exciting times ahead!

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