Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a quick trip to Shirley's Bay (78-80)

I'd read several reports that there were some Great Egrets at Shirley's Bay, and wasn't sure if I had missed them or not but I went over there to check it out after work. Ok, I have been on the dyke at DND before but today it was TEEMING with the bay, on the dyke and in the woods. I definitely wish I had more time, and it was also not the best time since the sun was setting across the bay so all the shorebirds were backlit. I'm definitely heading back sometime soon in the early morning.

First off, I found the egrets! There were 6 that I saw. One was quite close but I wasn't sneaky enough and scared it off to the other side of the bay where the rest of them were. No worries though! I hope I get to see them again, but hopefully closer.

#78: Great Egret; Shirley's Bay; July 21, 2010

I also caught a belted kingfisher, which I have been having a hard time getting goos shots off. The money shot is still out there, but this one will definitely do for now.

#79: Belted Kingfisher; Shirley's Bay; July 21, 2010

On the way out, this bird was singing so loud, and the song is SO familiar that you feel like an idiot not being able to name the bird.
#80 (aka eighty, eight-zero, 4/5, 80% there!!!): Wood Thrush; Shirley's Bay; July 21, 2010
(not too sure why this pic went all pixelly on me...I'll have to try and fix it...)

Ok, so there were SO many birds there that I think if I had stayed long enough I might have been able to come close to filling out my 100. But I will have to go back and hope it's as busy. There were lots and lots of shorebirds but my 300mm is just not going to cut it--most of the people I have seen there use spotting scopes, and the birds scare off so easily so you really can't get close.

**For anyone thinking of birding in this area, please remember to call the range control office (613-991-5740 ) to get permission to enter the dyke area! This will ensure that birders continue to have access. Plus, you don't want to get shot at, do you?

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