Monday, July 19, 2010

seventy-seven (77 ha!)

I found myself in the east end of lovely Ottawa again this weekend at Petrie Island. Wish I'd had more time there as it was bustling with birds, including this one, which was sneakily (and stubbornly) hiding behind this blade of grass but making an awful lot of noise for such a little dude. I was very excited to finally see "one of the ones with the tail way up!" Also, it is very interesting to know that the males makes about 10 nests in their breeding territory....or something like that.

#77: Marsh Wren; July 18, 2010; Causeway to Petrie Island


Funkysandman said...

10 nests - do they have 10 mates?

dmorin said...


Just found your blog through Ontbirds. Great photos, I especially like the Wilson`s Phalarope photo. It really was fantastic.

To get really close to Green Herons without disturbing them and getting good shots in their natural habitats, the best place I can think of in the Ottawa area is actually on the Quebec side of the river. It`s a pond at the end of Lamoureux rd in the Aylmer sector of Gatineau. I`ve also seen Black-crowned Night-herons roosting there when I got there early enough. Just a tip. Keep taking the great photos.


deepdowndawn said...

Hey David, thanks for the tip. I will definitely check out that location.

dwaynejava said...

Nice Marsh Wren. Great Blog!!!