Thursday, August 12, 2010

birding break (#86)

Today I really wanted to get out and find a new bird before my birding hiatus...Matt is going on vacation for a few weeks and kidnapping my camera, so there won't be much to add here unless I can find some sort of decent alternative.

I had been out to Constance Bay once before without luck to see these birds, but after a bunch of reports I decided to try again. It didn't take long to find them; they were chattering away and easy to spot. At first I saw a juvenile, and then one that looked like an adult but with its head not quite fully red, and finally a full adult (it's totally backlit in the shot I got). Really cool birds. At one point there were 3 woodpeckers in one tree---two Redheads and one Hairy, and they seemed not too pleased to share. Interesting to watch!

#86: Red-headed woodpecker; August 11, 2010; Constance Bay (Old Burn site)

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Funkysandman said...

you're guaranteed to see great birds now that you have no camera!

deepdowndawn said...

Gah! I know...but you don't need to rub it in :P

Funkysandman said...

saw an american bittern today -posed right in front of me..all I had was my cell phone camera!