Saturday, December 4, 2010

More big white birds. #109

I came down to Kingston last night for my grandma's 96th (!!!!) birthday. The weather is so much milder here and there are tons of ducks on the lake all along Bath Road, and there was a huge flock of ducks in Collins Bay. Unfortunately it was getting pretty dark by the time I got around to them and at that point they were a little out of reach (wish I'd still had S.M.'s scope!) so I might try and get back there tomorrow to see what was in there because it seemed to be a huge mix and I'm sure some I haven't counted among them. I also noticed some big white birds on the far side of the bay and remembered there were reports of tundra swans in Kingston so we went over to check it out...and success! There were five there, including one juvenile. Pretty cool...could see the yellow spots on their bills and they were "talking."
Also tried Parrot's luck in the woods. Some stuff in the bay, but too far away.

#109: Tundra Swan; Collins Bay from Lemoine's Point (Kingston); December 4, 2010

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