Sunday, November 21, 2010

holy smokes...2 in a row (#108)

Got in a few hours today; not sure why I wait until the sun is practically hanging over the horizon before I go out, so these pics are all in low light/backlit....i.e. not great. Anyways, it was like hawk central on Moodie (as always it seems). Saw a really nice red-tailed right beside the road that took off before I could get a good shot. Also saw this one. Not sure what it is, but it's too beautiful of a bird not to post!

Saw this little Kestrel along was just gorgeous.
 So there were reports of a Ross's Goose among a bunch of Canada Geese on Fallowfield Road. I figured why not, even though I saw all those Snow Geese yesterday. Anyways, it was definitely the only white one in this field full of Canada Geese (and a few bucks too).
However, I'm not 100% sure I can tell that's is actually a Ross's. I took a ton of pics but it was really dark at that point...this is the best one out of all I took that you can see that it could be Ross's (from the bill). It's cropped right down and I've posted at actual pixels. Well, I'll leave this one to the experts, but I guess it's a potential 108. I'll keep an eye on any more reports and wait for someone else to confirm!
UPDATE: This one is #108! With a little help and more reports of a Ross's Goose at this location, I think I'll retroactively count this!
#108: Ross's Goose; Fallowfield at Greenbank, Ottawa; November 28, 2010


Funkysandman said...

not bad shots for low light! That first hawk only needs one leg - I guess that's just how he rolls

deepdowndawn said...

weird...I saw that but didn't really see it. answer: it was definitely chilly.

dmorin said...

It is a Ross`s Goose. On the Snow Goose, the teeth are more pronounced within the beak area.

In your previous set, those are indeed Blue Geese.

The hawk is a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk. The easiest way to tell is that is is a band across his chest and not solid colour almost to his feet. Also on the wing you`ll notice a dusting of white.

Good job collecting the Ross`s Goose. It`s one of those birds that you sometimes show up for and they are gone. It was one of my nemesis birds for a long time.

deepdowndawn said...

Hey Dave, thanks for the help! I'm going to add it as 108!