Sunday, January 16, 2011

#120 - i can barely keep up with myself

I really wasn't expecting to have so much to post this winter, and certainly not any new birds. I don't really know what's going on...I feel like I'm posting all the time!
I worked on Friday while Matt got to scamper around the island, and I'm a leeetle bit jealous that he saw a ring-necked pheasant. Ok, now that's a pretty bird!
Saturday the weather was terrible and we didn't really think the birding would be any good but the tripod was with dad so we went to pick it up. We went to the owl woods, but only as far as the feeders since I was feeling pretty satisfied with the owls I'd seen there...and because the weather was terrible. Still a few interesting things...
Firstly, this one chickadee that had been there the last time. Something weird is going on with its feathers. Anybody know what's going on? Is it just immature? Or molting? Or sick?

Also saw a white-throated sparrow (immature). Haven't seen one of those in a while!
Finally, we started to head back and that's when I noticed that a red-bellied woodpecker had come to the feeders too. This was a real treat for me a) because it's a new one and b) because they don't generally come as far north as my normal stomping grounds. It flew off, but I found it again, and got a less-than-stellar shot, but I'm good with that!
#120: Red-bellied woodpecker; Amherst Island, Ontario; December 15, 2010.

Today I went for a ski and actually (gasp!) risked it and left my camera at home. In the end, it was ok because I didn't see anything and I didn't have to haul it around for nothing (except I missed lots of pretty snowy scenes)!

I decided to go through some old pics from trips and stuff before this whole thing started. This may be my unrelenting wanderlust exerting itself I'm trying to get my travel fix by going through old trip photos or something. Obviously I wasn't really into birds at the time, but it's pretty obvious that I took pictures of things that looked unfamiliar or unusual or cute, so I've found quite a lot. Anyway, I've got this little collection of birds that I didn't even realize I'd's actually really interesting for me!

Identifying them is a little bit of a challenge...since almost none of them are in my North American bird guide. So far I've been using, but I don't like it as much as some of the North American sites. I don't know, is retroactive bird counting frowned upon? I'll dedicate a post to them in the near future...some of them are pretty cool!


dmorin said...

My opinion, and I`m still kinda torn on it, is that the chickadee is molting. The feathers that are missing are right where the brown patches are on the winter plumage of chickadees, and they should be losing them soon since Chickadees usually start singing their spring song in February. However this could be a sick bird.

Nice Red-bellied Woodpecker! I`ve tried for that for a couple of years now at Amherst and never got it. (this year being an exception).

I`m always surprised by how much life there is during the winter months, months we think are bleak. However wait until February. Until the Crows and the Horned Larks come back it is usually the longest month of the year for birders in the area.

Ruhh said...

I think those are White Throated Sparrows no?

deepdowndawn said...

seriously Ron, how did I fudge that up? I guess because White-Crowned were on the page opposite White-Throated. Fixing now...thanks!!

Miss Vee said...

Jenna! Wee Bebbeh AWESOME BIRD! :D