Wednesday, March 30, 2011

#126: a bird that took me six months to ID!

This is not a recent sighting by any means, but I've been cleaning up the hard drive and came across this picture. I took it last fall at Mud Lake and it was in with a bunch of pics of vireos (which I also didn't ID...because I wasn't sure if they were warbling or Tennessee.. Maybe you'll see them soon too). Well, my new book does a better job of showing ALL plumages (male/female/immature, spring/winter/fall).

So I belatedly realized that this wasn't a vireo at all, but a female black-throated blue warbler (say that five times fast!).

So how do I know this? Basically the white pattern around the eye and the white wing patch. I'll admit that I would still love to see a male, which looks NOTHING like the lady. In fact, whatbird tells me that this bird is the most sexually dimorphic wood warbler: he's deep blue with a black throat....hence the name of course, which is much more accurate in his case!

#126: Black-Throated Blue Warbler (check the link to see the male!); Mud Lake, Ottawa; September 19, 2010
The redpolls are still visiting the yard. Today it was a bit strange to see a redpoll right beside an American goldfinch in his new, bright yellow spring feathers!

This picture, and the weather is getting me really excited for spring migration. I can't wait!


dmorin said...

Best places to find B-throated Blues in migration around Ottawa is at Mud Lake or on the path down to Shirley`s Bay dyke. They are one of my favourite birds.

deepdowndawn said...

i'll be looking out for them closely this year!

Funkysandman said...

I'll have to get my butt down to Mud Lake