Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Foiled by GWFG x 4

Oh, hey there.

Well, I really wish I had some greater white-fronted geese to report. But I don't. Not that I didn't try. I tried plenty. But these geese are against me. Nemesis bird? One of many it seems.

Anyways, saw another hooded merganser pair while looking for the GWFGs. It was getting dark but I managed to this blurry shot from the window of the moving vehicle in fading light. 

I do have a few other things to share. First of all, I'm trying to organize my files and remembered a few shots I took on AI at end of February.
Saw a bunch of mallards hanging out on the ice at the ferry dock. Liked the way I caught this mallard with his wings spread out:
I remember seeing these two in a skirmish along Front Road. I should try harder with hawks because I just realized in retrospect that, while it's not a very good shot, it's diagnostic of a northern harrier. The rump was clearly white, and in a few other pics, you can really see the circle around the eyes. It's a facial disk similar to those of owls, which helps them to hear better as they rely on their hearing, as well as their sight to hunt. Oh hey, #125!

Can't quite tell if that's a crow or a raven with it...but it does look bigger than the harrier so maybe a raven?
#125: Northern Harrier; Amherst Island, Ontario; February 27, 2011
My friend Kardi came to visit on the weekend and we went to Sarsaparilla to feed the chickadees.  I thought this would be a fun activity for her boys, but I underestimated the patience/ability to stand still of 3 year olds. Anyways, this bird wasn't shy at all. The birds are so tame there that not only will the chickadees eat out of your hand, but so too will RB nuthatches, WB nuthatches and, go figure, the deer.


Funkysandman said...

btw, I was near Carp again tonight and checked for gwfg's and didn't see any...

I think that's a raven with the harrier...almost looks like the raven used for Carleton U.

dmorin said...

Not a raven. It`s a crow. Tail is different on a raven. Also the big nose bump on the beak would be much more noticeable.

deepdowndawn said...

thanks d...that is good to know, and didn't realize there is a difference in the tails. the only way I could tell was if I heard it.

dmorin said...

The raven has a rounded, almost v-like tail while the crow has a square tail. Also you can tell if it's a raven because it is significantly larger than the crows which are usually attacking it.