Saturday, March 27, 2010

lots of birds, no photos

This week I have spotted quite a few birds that could have made the list, but I didn't get photos (or at least decent ones...those darn birds, either too fast, too far or too sneaky!). Aside from the backyard regulars (a pair of cardinals, mourning doves, dark-eyed juncos, song sparrows, a blue jay, black-capped chickadees, grackles), birds I have spotted this week are common mergansers, hooded mergansers (maybe?), goldeneyes (maybe?), starlings (how did I not even get a picture of a starling?!), a peregrine falcon that nests on the roof of the building next to the one where I work, and 2 hawks (one on Moodie, one just east of the Split on the 417, of all places). And more yellow ones, singing to their heart's content way way way way at the top of trees in the park behind my house. Anyways, that's the latest. Hoping I have a little more luck getting the shots this week!

The closest I got to getting a decent shot of a bird this week:

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