Wednesday, March 31, 2010

OMG! ID#22

Such a happy girl right now! Birdwatching is such a funny can be so busy looking for one thing (unsucessfully) that you can't see something else that's plain as day and right in front of you.

I had been really hoping I would encounter these beauties but never imagined that it would be in my own backard! (ok, my extended backyard, since my backyard is only 18x20, but it backs onto a huge, amazing park!). I hardly noticed them since NONE of them were moving (maybe they were sleeping?) and they were kind of hidden in with these clumps of berries. The weird thing is that they were not even remotely fazed by me....I was practically standing right underneath them (they were at the very top of the tree). I saw at least 16 of them. After this spotting, I also picked up a new lens that should help me out getting closer shots, and that also makes me very happy. YAY! What a great day. :)

ID#22: Cedar Waxwing; March 31, 2010 (6 pm); Cattail Creek Park in Kanata

Since my pics aren't great, find more info about this bird here.

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