Thursday, July 28, 2011

Escape to Pen Lake

Got to enjoy the antics of loons all weekend in Algonquin Park--flapping on the water as they spontaneously take off and their haunting group calls. They let me get a lot closer than last year...seemed pretty tame. I didn't see any babies.
There was also a bald eagle on the lake. both times I saw it it was being harassed by gulls. 
red eyes and a beautiful neck band. there's something about their heads that makes them look almost computer simulated?

with dragonfly
one leg up

stretching out the wings

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dwaynejava said...

Great shots Jenna. I've only seen Common Loons in migration... never resting in a beautiful lake. I see what you mean about the computer simulated look! I need to head out to Algonquin. Never been there!