Monday, July 4, 2011

i'm (looking at birds) on a boat #150

I didn't have much time to dedicate to birding this weekend but somehow managed a lifer (something I realized 24 hours after I saw the birds...just about 5 minutes ago in fact!).

Mel and David asked us to join us for the weekend on their sailboat in Kingston (AWESOME). They aren't birders, so I knew I wouldn't get to see too much unless it found us on our course.  There were tons of swallows zipping around the marina, and before we left we saw a huge flock of swallows trying to drive out a hawk of some sort...quite the show! We also saw some really recent baby tiny.....OMGCUTE. They keep their boat right beside Lemoine's Point--if I'd had time, I would have checked it out.

Anyways, on our way into the harbour on Friday night to watch the Canada Day fireworks and again the next day on the way out to Prince Edward County, we passed the smelliest island known to of the Brothers Islands, which has been completely taken over by cormorants. They have completely killed off the vegetation, and are in the process of doing it to the next island over. The Brothers Islands are little islands between Amherst Island and Collins Bay, part of Kingston. I probably should have looked closer...apparently in 2005 a white pelican was seen hanging out that would be crazy!  I saw lots of cormorants on the water...they are actually really cool flyers.
Cormorants on (what's left of) one of the Brothers.
We docked at Prinyer's Cove on Saturday night and the birds even just around the marina were great--lots of orioles, a flicker, herons...I was loving it. It reminded me that the county is a great spot for birding!

On Sunday we were cruising along and passed a small point, where a bunch of gulls were hanging out. All seemed pretty standard until I noticed that some had black caps and bright red beaks, so I flew down below to grab my camera. NEVER before have I seen terns standing on the shore (remember, I live in Ottawa, where I don't see as many terns...exciting). Well, I got to looking at these pics and realized that these have black feet and much thicker bills...not like the terns I've seen before.

#150: Caspian Tern; Shores of Prince Edward County; July 3, 2011

A lifer, and not just any lifer, but somewhat of a milestone....150!

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Funkysandman said...

150! woot!!
i'm hoping to see some terns - possibly one of these 3: Foster's, royal, sandwich - all new to me