Monday, July 11, 2011

M.V. Glenora ferry swallows feeding time - photo essay

So I found myself headed to Prince Edward County once again this weekend...the pull of the County is so strong! Once again, not a ton of time for birding...there's so much to do there, and I was too busy tasting wine, eating cheese, getting distracted and caching my little heart out that I really only got to appreciate the birdies with my eyes and ears and not my lens.

However, on the ferry ride over, I noticed swallows swooping around and saw one go right under the bridge of the ferry. I got out and enjoyed watching the show for the entire crossing, while most people were busy peering over the edge of the boat. The thing that blew my mind is that the nest is almost always moving, and extremely busy! There are 2 boats that run, so I wonder if the other boat has a nest too, or if she ever gets confused about which boat her nest is on! As the ferry was crossing, she'd fly around and catch stuff and bring it up to them. FASCINATING!

the chicks lined up, waiting for mom to come back. check out the hilarious tufts on their heads.

open wide!

giving me the stink eye, and then...

down the hatch!

what on earth is that? I love how she uses her tail to it's a beautiful forked and patterned tail.

dragonfly for dessert!

there she is, about to land at the nest. it was really touching to watch her to do this, and repeat, over and over.

Since I have not been constantly looking for new birds to count (although I do admit to doing that to a certain extent), I do enjoy getting the chance to really observe more closely and appreciate some of the birds that I have already seen.

Another bird event of note was when we stopped in Waupoos. There was a big blueberry patch covered in netting and I noticed that there were some birds stuck inside trying to get out. I made Matt stop the car and I tried lifting the side of the nets up to let them out, but of course they flew away as soon as I approached them. I got seriously frustrated. Anyways, there was one juvenile robin really stuck in the netting that Matt actually removed, so while I felt a little better, I felt bad that I couldn't help more of them. Some were really clearly trying to get out, and I was worried that they might have babies waiting for them to feed them :(


Funkysandman said...

so the nest was literally on the boat? that's crazy. maybe when the babies grow up, they'll make their nest on the ferry too?

deepdowndawn said...

Yeah, the nest was literally on the ferry.
I think I even heard them sing, "I'm on a boat...never thought I'd be a on a's a big blue watery road"
i swear!