Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mexican bird fiesta continues! (#203-206)

It seemed to be a constant bird party down in Mexico, with the majority of these birds seen right on the resort (all but the pigeons).

This guy's got attitude! One of a seemingly neverending variety of black/white/yellow warblers, in various combinations.
#203: Yellow-Throated Warbler; Mayan Riviera, Mexico (Barcelo Maya Resort), February 15, 2012
love it when they check you out -- have to wonder what they are thinking!

Yellow-bellied sapsuckers aren't just up here!
This next bird was one of my target birds--being a pretty common bird for the area, it wasn't going to be difficult, but I still didn't see them until a few days in. I was waiting outside Michelle's room waiting for her to go to the gym, and I thought I heard something that sounded...just a little different. I went to investigate. I guess my ear is getting better after all!
I only ever saw these birds on one part of the resort and only at one time of day. I'm just glad I was there at that time...they are so cool!

#204: Yucatan Jay; Mayan Riviera, Mexico (Barcelo Maya Resort), February 16, 2012

worm wars

Adults have black bills and immatures have yellow. Also, the adults don't have the yellow eye ring.
 We spent one day in the awesome little city of Playa del Carmen. Wouldn't be right if I didn't include a shot of the expected urban residents:
Pigeons in the park
#205: White-eyed Vireo; Mayan Riviera, Mexico (Barcelo Maya Resort), February 17, 2012
Love that eye! 

As we walked alongside one of the paths, I spotted a bit of red on the ground. My first thought: Scarlet tanager. Then I realized that there blue too...and then I realized that there was some green that wasn't just green from the leaves.....and then I freaked!


 Why am I so excited? Why did I put on a scene in front of confused resort goers? This has been a bird I've been just dying to see. I still remember, when I first got my first bird guide, I sat in the car and peeled over the pages, and I remember saying---"that bird is amazing!" It's been on the "birds I'm dying to see" list on the sidebar of this blog since it began.

I thought to myself, if only I had seen it one day later and it would have been a birthday lifer! I mean, it was possible, being in a new birding zone for me and all. Well, pickers can't be choosers; I know I'm being silly. But sometimes you secretly hope things to just work out perfectly like that.

Well, these pics are super shoddy--it was deep in the brush, no light, hard to focus...but, there's no question as to what it is! And I'm not letting this one go.

#206: Painted Bunting; Mayan Riviera, Mexico (Barcelo Maya Resort), February 18, 2012

if you think this pic is blurry, you should probably just get your eyes checked ;)

 A pretty white-winged dove posed in this nice natural frame
More loveliness
I can't believe that I've still got so much more to post!


Tiffanie said...

Looks like some great birding while you were away....lots of lifers :)

dwaynejava said...

Jenna, nice mix of birds here! All of these birds are awesome, but the Painted Bunting is just downright incredible. Congrats on the excellent lifers!

PS: I saw a Yellow throated Warbler this week myself. What a beauty.