Tuesday, March 20, 2012

*update* feathery finds

Taking a little break from Mexico postings...lots going on around here. The birds are coming back...hoping  for maybe a new duck this weekend? I just got to thinking about what my target birds might be this year.

Anyways, while out walking in the woods last weekend (read: geocaching), we came across these feathers on the ground. I saw them in a few spots--not sure if it was preening or the poor thing got attacked. Well, I've been known to collect feathers on my outings (I have a jar of them in the living room; I always get in trouble because M is a megagermaphobe and thinks they are covered in mites or something), I left these in place but was struck by that amazing, brilliant orange! I think it's maybe too bright to be a robin, but I could be wrong. Maybe even an oriole, although they aren't around yet (funny, after my previous oriole post).

And while I'm on the topic, I will slide in one more Mexico reference. We found this crazy feather on the beach. It's reallllly long, and black with a brown tip. Gotta be a big bird! (not to be confused with).
almost 2 feet long!
V. Laurin is going to help me with her awesome feather book (I think I've mentioned it before) so we can try to nail this sucker down!
*update March 27, 2012*
Just confirming that the orange feather is a red-winged blackbird! Here's a shot from the book above--it's a really excellent resource!
As for the 1.5 footer, it remains a mystery!


Vanessa Laurin said...

Woot! I got a shout-out on my favourite blog!!!!!!!

Vanessa Laurin said...

Oh, and so far, it's looking like the top pic might be from a red-winged blackbird. They're back--got a bunch in my yard.

deepdowndawn said...

haha! red-winged blackbird...didn't think of that!