Tuesday, March 6, 2012

UPDATE: a mexican mystery...solved! (#202)

******UPDATE - March 8, 2012******
Well, it would seem that our friend #202 here is a Melodious Blackbird. I ended up putting this to a WhatBird Forum, and with a further look, I'm quite sure of it. Apparently, a few white feathers are common in the blackbird family; as for the tail, it has either been attacked, is in some serious moult, or may even have mites. The aspects that indicate melodious are the black feathers (no iridescent sheen) and the shape of the bill. Fantastic! I'm very appreciative of all the help I received.

#202: Melodious Blackbird, Mayan Riviera, Mexico (Barcelo Maya Resort); February 15, 2012

Original Post:
Ok friends, this is a call for HELP!

We saw this guy in Mexico. Normally, if you were approached by a dark, mysterious male in Mexico, you would probably be afraid (or seduced?), but not so for me. Indeed, I still find him haunting me...I never did get my satisfaction. I yearn to identify my Mexican suitor.

I have looked, and looked, and kept looking, and I CANNOT figure out this bird! I studied literally EVERY page of my Mexican guidebook and it is JUST NOT THERE! I can't figure it out. I've been looking since we got back two weeks ago. I'm stumped!

We saw this bird on our resort, and it's not like it was a one-off sighting. I saw them on a few occasions. Always with a bit of white edging the wing, and that crazy stumpy, pointy tail! My best guess was something in the Corvidae family, then I thought Emberizidae. The closest I got was a male lark bunting, but how do you explain that tail? It is truly bizarre.

#202: ?, Mayan Riviera, Mexico (Barcelo Maya Resort); February 15, 2012


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