Tuesday, April 6, 2010

AI: part one (26-28)

Over the long weekend I spent some time on Amherst Island (AI), but it's never ever enough time. Even before I started birding, I knew that this was a special place when it comes to our feathered friends. It's covered top to bottom with birds. Within 10 minutes we saw at least 5 hawks. Dad said 2 weeks ago there was "every kind of duck you can imagine at the ferry dock." I almost don't want to give away too many details of this amazing place because I want to protect it forever....anyways, here goes:

26: Killdeer; April 5, 2010; Amherst Island (south shore)
These are awesome birds. I have seen a million of them in all the time I have spent on the island but had no idea what they were (actually, looking through my bird book I was really hoping I would see one, and I just realized this weekend that I've been seeing them for years). You can walk for half an hour along South Shore Road and they will go with you the whole way, but just 10 feet ahead of you. They run along on their skinny long legs and they are hilarious!

27: Tree Swallow; April 2, 2010; Amherst Island

The edge of the KFN property on Amherst Island was TEEMING with tree swallows. I think they are pretty cool. This guy looks like he has a long jacket, and he's saying "WHAT R U LOOKING AT???"
P.S. I took another pic of this guy here and absolutely love it! But I used this one on here since he's easier to identify.

28: Yellow-bellied Sapsucker; April 2, 2010; Amherst Island
If I hadn't looked closer, I would have assumed this was Hairy or Downy. Surprise....nope!
Back soon with AI Birds of Prey!
Oh yeah...and another AI sighting: here

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Funkysandman said...

looks like that zoom lens was a good investment...love that tree-swallow shot!