Monday, April 12, 2010

in search of wood ducks...success! #35

I had no time to birdwatch over the weekend since I went to Kingston on Friday night/Saturday morning and to MTL on Saturday night for my friend's engagement party.
So this week I am duck hunting. I heard these guys were in the area...and turns out they weren't hard to find! There were at least 8 at Strathcona Park and more at Billings Bridge. OK, definitely my favourite duck. They are GORGEOUS. Oh yeah, and they squeal! It's too cute!
Was kind of funny to be back at Strathcona now that I don't live in Sandy Hill anymore. But it's still a sweet spot, and great for birding! (Also saw lots of geese, gulls, a cormorant, goldeneyes, red-winged blackbirds, pigeons, mallards....and this classic shot)

#35: Wood Duck; April 12, 2010; Stratchcona Park, Ottawa

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Funkysandman said...

wow - I've never seen this duck...looks like they're posing for you!