Sunday, June 6, 2010


#67: Great Blue Heron; June 5, 2010; near Godfrey, ON
Finally got a GBH to pose for me for a few seconds! I had seen another one earlier in the day with an injured wing. It's wing was just hanging down very awkwardly :( 68: Wilson's Snipe; June 5, 2010; Hwy 10
So apparently the common snipe and the Wilson's snipe basically look the same, but one has a couple extra tail feathers and stripes on its underwing. They used to be classified as the same bird. I'm 90% sure this is a Wilson's, since I guess the common snipe is not in this region. I hope I'm right.
#69: Common Loon; June 5, 2010; 13 Island Lake, Ont
A little Canadiana here. I know this is a lame shot...bad light (light was fading fast...what could I do?), chromatic aberration, etc....and I'm sure I'll get way better shots of loons when I go to Algonquin this summer, but I'm antsy. Plus by that time, the babies are going to be much bigger and I love that they are riding on the parent's back in this adorable is that? I never really looked at loons this closely before (and didn't realize they are so big?!)

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Funkysandman said...

nice bg on the snipe pic,
classic loon shot!