Monday, June 28, 2010

#73: Pied-billed awesomeness

I'd been wanting to go to Orleans for a while now to find the Pied-Billed Grebes that nest there. First of all, I'm so jealous that they aren't out in the west end. Second of all....I freaking love these birds. But they were skittish so it was really hard to get close enough for decent shots.

The babies look nothing like the parents. They look like little tigers! I wish I had seen them when they were even smaller. There were two families that I saw in the pond.

#73: Pied-billed Grebe; Orleans (Aquaview), June 28, 2010

Mom feeding one of the babies.....ahhhhh!

After that, we went to Mer Bleue, first to look for birds, but instead decided to try geocaching and found one! Turns out it's an activity that I can pair up quite nicely with birdwatching. Sweet!


Funkysandman said...

careful not to start a turf war..the east-side birders are trouble

nice family of grebes..I want to see them

Anonymous said...

There area bout 5 to 6 familes of grebes that nested at the pond this year. If you want to see them closer, go earlier in the year..anytime from April to June and into July. Some nest very close to the shore and that's the best time to see them. Usually after a few eggs hatch, you'll see numbers of people watching or photographing them. They'll be there next year again ad they were the year previous. Those baby grebes are the cutest thing.

PS. If you want to see Green Heron, there's one hanging around at the entrance to Mud Lake but early mornings are best. Not sure if it's still hanging around was about a week or two ago.

deepdowndawn said...

thanks! I may try and get myself up early this weekend to give Mud Lake a try. I've been there lots but only later in the day.