Saturday, May 1, 2010

and another sparrow (#39)

another sparrow to add to the list....
You might say, "Hey Jenna, this guy looks a lot like the last guy, with the yellow eyebrows." Well, you would be right. Sparrows are a pain in the butt to distinguish. But anyways, you will see that they do look different.

#39: Savannah Sparrow; May 1, 2010; Corkstown Road (near Moodie)
Also saw the largest turtle I think I have ever seen in my life at Mud Lake....its shell was easily 12-14 inches long.
I got thoroughly soaked on my bike on the way home. But I was +1 for birds for the day so that's ok.


Funkysandman said...

get a load of the orange legs..reminds me of Big Bird.

pics of the turtle or it didn't happen

Ruhh said...

wow, you're at 39!
I'm not even sure if I've got a positive ID for a Savannah Sparrow. I'll have to check my books.