Sunday, May 16, 2010

weekend birding, part 1 (#41-44)

On Wednesday I got my OFNC membership in the mail, and I was so happy because that meant I could finally go on a field trip! That night there was a field trip to the Bill Mason Centre in Dunrobin. It was incredible the knowledge that some people had. They would just hear a bird and know immediately what it was. Ok, I will admit that there wasn't much representation from my age group, but I think it's good to start young while your senses are their best! Plus, I'm sure if I wait till I'm that old, most of the species I could have seen will be extinct or endangered....which is sad, but I believe true.

So, on the excursion we saw yellow warbler, snipes (most likely), barn swallows, a Baltimore oriole, a female rose-breasted grosbeak, Purple finch, and American Goldfinch. We also heard (so they tell me) Virginia Rail, Sora, and Wood Thrush. Not bad!

Anyways, I was dying to go back the next day and shoot the stuff we missed. Ended up seeing even more than on the trip because we took our time. Matt came along even though he was dying with strep throat and sat in the car most of the time...poor guy! Couldn't get the snipe (way too sneaky), but came away with a few pics acceptable enough for the blog (except the finch, which is definitely not my best work)!

#41: Rose-breasted Grosbeak (male); May 15, 2010; Bill Mason Centre, Dunrobin
We saw a pretty lady rose-breasted grosbeak the first time we went to Bill Mason Centre.

#42: White-crowned Sparrow; May 15, 2010; Bill Mason Centre, Dunrobin
Hello! How cool am I?

#43: Yellow Warbler; May 15, 2010; Bill Mason Centre, Dunrobin

#44: Purple finch; May 15, 2010; Bill Mason Centre, Dunrobin
The purple finch looks kind of similar to the house finch which was in an earlier post. The hous finch is like this guy's urban cousin. The purple finch is red all over, but the house finch only has isolated red parts.

I still have more birds to post from today, but I'm going to need to figure a few of them out first!

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Funkysandman said...

wow..sweet pics. I'll have to visit that Bill Mason Center. The MVFN club even makes me feel young..a lot of retired people, like the minimum age is 55.