Tuesday, May 18, 2010

weekend briding....part 2 (#45-47...so close to halfway!)

After my field trip on Wednesday with the OFNC, I was hoping to do another on Sunday at Mud Lake to catch migrators. Well, getting there for 7 am was feeling a little impossible at 6 am...so I skipped out and went by myself later on....at 11! I was only there for an hour and then I had to leave for dragonboating practice, but there was so much going on that I had to head back and put in a few more hours. I ended up leaving at 7:30 pm. Anyways, lots going on, and there are a few pics I'm holding back either because I'm not 100% sure of the ID (vireos of some sort) and a few pics that are just too fuzzy for me (great-crested flycatcher and yellow-rumped warbler). Also saw a bunch of cedar waxwings, a hummingbird (!) that I wasn't able to photograph because I didn't catch it on time, and a black-crowned nightheron way way off in the distance.

#45: Baltimore Oriole; May 16, 2010; Mud Lake
Yeah...so beautiful right?
#46: Northern Flicker, May 16, 2010; Mud Lake
I have lots of flickers but they are soooo hard to photograph. This one was hanging out a nesting cavity in this tree. I was just about to leave and wouldn't have even seen it if it hadn't been for another photographer that had his gear set up pointing at it.

#47: Gray Catbird: May 16, 2010; Mud Lake
This bird was in the field part of the Mud Lake area. I almost walked by but he kept making these crazy calls, so I knew it was a bird I hadn't seen and I decided to set up and wait for him.
So close to 50...it's driving me nuts!

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