Tuesday, May 11, 2010

looking for tulips....finding birds (#40!)

Well, doesn't it always happen that when you aren't looking something, you find it? So I was at the tulip festival, all set up to shoot flowers, and all of a sudden this new bird just pops up. So, wrong lens on, of course. Anyways, I managed to get her, and it took me a little while to figure this one out (how do you go about finding a bird that is just brown, with hardly any markings at all?). It's a female brown-headed cowbird. If you are interested in seeing what the male looks like (quite different...like a grackle but with the colours reversed), look here.

On another note, I hit a nice even number....40!

#40: Brown-headed Cowbird; May 10, 2010; Dow's Lake

So, today I got to thinking of random things like I usually do, and I wondered, if you had to choose between

-opposable thumbs,

-wings, or

- fins + the ability to breathe underwater,

what would you choose?


Funkysandman said...

I almost got a good shot of a Meadow Lark the other day - it's a type of cowbird - but totally different colours. Also heard a whippoorwill a few nights ago. I'm strategizing a way to get a picture of it.

I choose water-breathing with fins.

deepdowndawn said...

i thought you might say that...