Monday, May 24, 2010

may two-four part iii - AI shorebirds (60-63)

Dad and I followed the eastern shore of the island. I guess I expected these guys to be be bigger, but they are so tiny, and fast. It's not until now that I realized they are all different kinds!

#60: Wilson's Phalarope; May 23, 2010; AI (KFN)
So, with this bird, the female is actually the more colourful one. So beautiful!
#61: Least Sandpiper; May 23, 2010; AI (KFN)

#62: Spotted Sandpiper; May 23, 2010; AI (KFN)
This one was sooo tricky to photograph!

#63: Black-bellied Plover; May 23, 2010; AI (KFN)
I realize that this is a crummy shot, but I only saw one of these and I think it's so cool looking, and I don't imagine I'll see another one anytime soon.
I also saw a snipe, and shot it!! (with my camera :P). Dad spotted it on a post. Unfortunately I didn't get enough info to tell if it was a common or a Wilson's, so I guess it doesn't count. Here's the pic anyway.

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