Sunday, September 19, 2010

95 (UPDATE: and 96!)

It's been nice to finally have nice weather for the weekend and get back out to bird. Didn't have a ton of time, but found one of these guys, which I have been trying to shoot since the spring!

#95: Yellow-Rumped Warbler; Mud Lake; September 19, 2010
Also managed to get quite close to a GBH
I haven't had the timeto figure out what this one is yet, but I'll keep looking and maybe it will be 96? It was really underexposed, but I did manage to pull it out a bit and hopefully I've got enough info for an ID. I think it might be a scarlet tanager (female or male nonbreeding), but I'll have to make sure! If it is, it will be bittersweet, since I really wanted to see one but was hoping for red!
Mystery bird; Mud Lake; September 19, 2010

UPDATE: This one is indeed a Scarlet Tanager. That makes 96!

It's getting a lot harder with the sun going down so much earlier...losing birding hours fast!


Funkysandman said...

he really does have a yellow rump!
neat lighting in the heron pic
I won't even try to figure out the last guy - I always get it wrong- but I'd say some kind of finch?

dmorin said...

It`s a Scarlet Tanager.