Tuesday, September 7, 2010

backyard birdfest....with hummers! (88-89)

This weekend would have been great for birding, but I was busy fulfilling briesmaid duties. So I was very lucky that I got to telework from home today to see what I was missing!

As soon as the weather warmed up this year, I thought I'd give my hummingbird feeder another go. I'd never had any luck before with it, and this spring was no different. I reluctantly took it back to the garage, until a few weeks ago, I saw a hummingbird zip by the window. I got it back out of the garage and filled it, and still no luck. One day last week, I saw another h-bird in the yard, and it was insistent on getting to the finch feeder, even though the hummingbird feeder was just on the other side of the yard waiting for it! The flowers were faded on it though and I think it liked the bright yellow of the finch feeder ports. At one point it even put its bill into one of the ports...what a disaster! I felt terrible. Matt ran out to the store to get a new feeder that we thought would be more attractive. I was gone for the weekend, and I guess that gave them plenty of time to find it, because today there were hummers chasing each other around just outside the yard, and hummers were visiting steadily throughout the day! Super exciting! Ruby-throats are the only hummingbirds in these parts. None of them actually had a ruby throat. (All females I guess? Where are the males?)

#88: Ruby-Throated Hummingbird; my backyard in Kanata; September 7, 2010

Find the hummer!
Check out those iridescent wings!

Birds were seriously buzzing around all over the place in that little park behind my place. Here's another one!
#89: Black-Throated Green Warbler; Cattail Creek Park; September 7, 2010

Finally, we put the sunflower feeder out again to attract some new stuff. I know we see Blue Jays every day, but seriously....how beautiful are these birds?

There were some firsts in the yard today. Matt saw a Northern Parula and American Redstarts from the window. I hope they'll stick around so I can see them too!


Funkysandman said...

wow,hummingbird success! I'm jealous- not getting anymore of them at my house. Sounds like the birds dig your backyard.

deepdowndawn said...

That doesn't surprise me Sandy. Kitty must have got them all.

Funkysandman said...

..well they are bite-size